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Activities and tourism in Merzouga

Activities and excursions around Merzouga: Tafilalt

Main entrance to Sahara, the Tafilalt, in the region of Merzouga Morocco, has been a place of exchange between North and South since many centuries. This crossroad of the desert has seen caravans loaded with the greatest treasures: gold, spices, salt, …

It is the historic region of the Alawite dynasty, whose current king, Mohammed VI, is the direct descendant. Its rich history and legendary beauty of its landscapes make undoubtedly of the region of Merzouga, a must in Morocco and an ideal destination to enjoy a family holiday or as adventurer.

The Auberge Africa, Merzouga, with its travel guide, invites you to discover the most beautiful places in the region, to visit the places steeped in history or try absolutely original activities during your trip! Here is the list of services that we offer you to make unforgettable your touristic stay in the Sahara:

Berber bivouac: Our specialty to discover Morocco

bivouac sahara merzouga The night is spent at the bivouac under the khaïma, the Berber tent in camel wool, after enjoying the famous Moroccan tajine. You’ll even have access to the “Berber television”, but unfortunately there is only one channel, that’s the starry sky…

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Sand baths in Merzouga

bain sable merzouga Do you know the psammotherapy or arenotherapy? It is actually sand baths, where the principle is to bury a few minutes in the hot sand dunes in Merzouga Morocco. It has become a major tourist attraction in this region of the Sahara…

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Erg Chebbi: The big dune of Merzouga

erg chebbi merzouga Merzouga has the highest dunes from all over Morocco. Together they form the famous Erg Chebbi, from which the big dune of Merzouga is the hottest destination of tourism in the Sahara.
At a height of over 500 feet, its ascension guarantees an incredible view!

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Lake of Merzouga Morocco

lac merzouga A few steps from the hostel is Lake Dayet Srij. Dry for a long time, the lake has for a while become very large, hosting a wide variety of birds, including the majestic flamingos…

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4×4 circuits in the Sahara

circuit 4x4 au Sahara à Merzouga We propose to you to discover or rediscover Morocco through 4×4 tours designed to give you magical memories of Morocco.
Auberge Africa performs these 4×4 tours across Morocco, in partnership with Mohatravel, specialized agency of Erfoud…

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Extreme Sports in the Sahara

sport au Sahara Merzouga For those who love the thrills, the Hostel Africa offers cheap and very original sports activities! A 500 ft long slide! Erg Chebbi is also ideal for hiking or trekking on foot, mountain biking or on camelback, that we will be pleased to arrange…

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But also around Merzouga Morocco…

Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum in Rissani

The mausoleum houses the tomb of Moulay Ali Cherif, the first founder of the Alaouite Dynasty.

City of Rissani

Former capital of Tafilalt, Sijilmassa was a major caravan centre that has remained one of the largest shopping centres in the region, with a large souk, particularly animated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Village Khamlia

The village of Khamlia, close to Merzouga, hosts Bambaras, also known as Gnawa, who are descendants of sub-Saharan slaves. We can make you meet their Gnawa musicians, who play a haunting Saharan trance (having therapeutic virtue according to them), with drums, guembris and krakebs. The video below shows an example of this music.

Jurassik Trek

The region of the Erg Chebbi is rich in fossils from the Jurassic, in rock carvings, and in minerals. We can take you visit galena mines, and go in search of trilobites fossils…

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