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Sport in Sahara

Extreme sports in Sahara

For those who love sport and thrills, the inn Africa offers several very original sporting activities to fully appreciate the dunes of the Sahara differently!

If the bivouac on camelback does not bring you enough adrenaline, we invite you to visit the dunes of the Sahara desert more closely thanks to the extreme sports in which we guide you:

Equipment rental costs you nothing!

A descent of the great dune skiing, surfing, bodyboarding, sledging … Of course, the great dune of Merzouga is not equipped with ski lift, so it’s walking or possibly assisted by a camel that you can climb, and then have fun down the hill over almost 175 yards!

The hostel Africa will lend you free equipment normally used for winter sport…

More adventurous? You can also go paragliding or kiteboarding from the great dune of Merzouga … unforgettable sensations! Come with your equipment!

Erg Chebbi is also the ideal place for hiking or trekking in the Sahara walking, mountain biking or on camelback, we would be pleased to arrange.

Sporting events in Sahara

rallye des gazelles Maroc A sporting holiday in Erg Chebbi, this is also an opportunity to practice motor sports. And for that, the hostel Africa organises trips by motorbike quad or 4×4 to have fun across the dunes of Sahara! Know that many rallys pass through the dunes of Merzouga (Paris-Dakar Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, Raid 4L Trophy, and many others) and throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. We welcome you upon your arrival at the airport, and make you discover or rediscover the country, its culture, its hospitality, its inhabitants, its landscapes, to let you everlasting memories of the Sahara…


T marathon des sables he region of Merzouga in April each year hosts a major sports competition in the Sahara: marathon des sables. The itinerary follows any kind of terrain: Saharan dunes, rocky plateaus, tracks, dry wadis, palm groves, small mountains, in 6 steps from 20 to 80 km, including a 42 km marathon stage and non-stop stage of about 80 km partly by night. Competitors come first for the intensity of the event; its reputation is being the hardest race in the world.

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