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The Lake of Merzouga

The Lake of Merzouga or Lake Dayet Srij

A few miles away from the village of Merzouga is Lake Dayet Srij. It is also called the flamingos’ lake rightly as it has been dry for a long time, but welcomes today a wide variety of birds, including an amazing colony of greater flamingos

We invite you to go there in the evening to see the sunset in a very relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the magical reflection of the big dune on the surface of the lake.

Lake of Merzouga: biodiversity

Lake Dayet Srij of Merzouga is famous for its high biodiversity. This nature reserve includes many species among which you can find:

  • Greater short-toed lark
  • Sand martin
  • Tawny pipit
  • Greater hoopoe-lark
  • Tree pipit
  • Red-throated pipit
  • Western yellow wagtail
  • White wagtail
  • Blue-cheeked bee-eater
  • Laughing dove
  • Ruddy shelduck
  • Black stork
  • White stork
  • Crowned sandgrouse
  • Spotted sandgrouse
  • Black tern
  • Green sandpiper
  • Common redshank
  • Greater flamingo
  • Ruff
  • Temminck’s stint
  • Little stint
  • Northern lapwing
  • Kentish plover
  • Little ringed plover
  • Collared pratincole
  • Pied avocet
  • Black-winged stilt
  • Eurasian coot
  • Common quail
  • Barbary falcon
  • Osprey
  • Marbled duck
  • Northern shoveler
  • Little egret

This non-exhaustive list of identified species around Lake Merzouga is taken from the report entitled “Ornithological observations in Morocco”, conducted from March 20 to April 4, 2004, by Pierre Yésou & Martine South. Further information can be found at this address: Go-South

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